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A friendly, modern practice offering cosmetic, general & emergency dentistry in North London

Robert Kane Dental Practice


Comprehensive Check Up


You will receive a thorough oral health examination utilising low dose digital x-rays

and intra oral camera, as necessary


Dental Hygeine


Robert will show you how to clean your clean teeth to maintain healthy gums and fresh breath,

thus ensuring your oral health for the future.


Teeth Whitening


The whitening procedure involves an appointment of about 2 hours and a take-home

treatment to provide long term maintenance for your new bright smile which will usually be up to eight shades lighter.


Oral Camera


Our Practice is equipped with Intra and Extra oral cameras which enables us to digitally capture on screen images of

any problem areas

in your mouth which acts as a visual aid to help you understand why treatment may be necessary.


Dental X-Rays


We use the latest digital technology when taking X-Rays which allows you to view images on our computer monitors.


Gas and Air


Gas and Air, also known as Laughing Gas or Nitrous Oxide, can be used to help calm Nervous patients through any procedure.


Jet Polishing


Jet Polishing helps to remove all staining on your teeth, often caused by coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.














We only use the highest quality white filling materials to ensure the best cosmetic appearance is achieved.